Archipelago stages this gripping work with telling imagery that reveals the real emotions behind the smiles and the terrible silences. Morris and Hemphill allow Rose (Williams) a voice.”  Bill Morrison, News & Observer, November 1998, on “Blue Roses”

Archipelago is a performing and teaching company whose productions are multicultural and thematically universal, attracting audiences from all walks of life.

The teaching work of Archipelago  is for adults of all ages including the layperson and the artist. Ellen Hemphill is a master teacher in Voice and Gesture and is available for master classes, seminars and private lessons. The company artists also give workshops locally, nationally and internationally, on process theater which includes writing, design, composition, gesture and vocal work.

Voice and Body Gesture Technique trailer from Archipelago Theatre on VimeoFilm by Jim Havekamp. Final photo by Sarah Opatz

The full teaching refresher video is available for students who have had a complete course in Voice and Gesture from Ellen.


Ellen Hemphill is now offering individual and group workshops on freeing the natural range of the embodied voice. She is now also offering Skype or G-CHat coaching sessions for performers (dancers/actors, performing companies).This has been done successfully with companies in the USA and abroad.Training includes breath control, aural tuning, uttered sound, spoken word and the song and gesture techniques that dynamically link sound-text and song in performance, public speaking or simply, in self-awarness .
Specialized group workshops are also available on: Transitions: How the Voice and Body change in life transitions .

You can contact Ellen directly at: if you have a group that is interested in having her work with them in person or through an online session.

Voice and Body Gesture Technique trailer from Archipelago Theatre on Vimeo.

“This work alters the mind and body on a deep level. I recommend it for anyone who believes in the power of self-expression.” Mark Haim, Choreographer, Dancer

INDIVIDUAL VOICE LESSONS are also available .