The Narrowing


The Narrowing 

September 2013
539 MUZE, Durham, NC

A quartet of stories about characters at different endtimes of the world: Jack and Agatha during the time of the plague; Lady Smythford and Rachel in the London Blitz; Nick and Ray facing environmental collapse in the not-too-distant future; and a pair of lovers from the time of water reflecting on what is past and yet to become.

Created and Directed by Ellen Hemphill

Dramaturgy by Nor Hall

Set and Costume Design by Jan Chambers

Video Design and Editing by Jim Haverkamp

Music by Allison Leyton-Brown

Lighting Design by Jesse Belsky

Featuring Jane Holding, Jaybird O’Berski, Tom Marriott, Jamie Bell, Sofia Ventimiglia, Jeffrey Detwiler, Jon Haas, Michael Oliver , and Alessandra Gaeta.


See selected highlights of the production  (8:54)

Extended selections from the production  (46:31)