Eve and Poppy

A film and theatre exploration   2017-2018

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….The figures that haunt our imagination, that invisible population of angels and daimones, ghosts and ancestors with whom we sleep at night, whom we talk to in reverie, become vividly real only to the awakened heart……     – James Hillman





Based on a short story by Allan Gurganus
Directed by Ellen Hemphill and Jim Haverkamp

A widow, alone at home, sees something heavenly and wounded fall into her backyard. The old woman, coffee mug in hand, naturally tries to help. In this redemptive tale, written and narrated by Allan Gurganus, the ordinary goes briefly mythic. Kindness becomes what might save us yet.

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Actors:  Jane HoldingBurr Johnson, and Jeffrey Meanza
Narrator: Allan Gurganus
Production Design by Jan Chambers
Music by Allison Leyton-Brown
Cinematography by Alex Maness
Edited by Jim Haverkamp & Ellen Hemphill



“We’re just another army. We all look alike—we didn’t, before. It’s not what you expect. We miss this other. Don’t count on the next. Notice things here. We are just another army.”



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